9.5'' Round Brushed Gold Rainfall Shower System

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  • COMPLETE SHOWER SYSTEM: Includes 9.5'' shower head, shower arm, handheld shower with 59'' PVC hose, wall mounted shower holder, 3-setting integrated diverter, control valve with panel for installation.
  • 3-FUNCTION DIVERTER: The 3-setting shower diverter provides 2 individual shower modes, you can switch water flow from the shower head or the handheld shower as you need.
  • 5 SPRAY OPTIONS: Handheld Shower Spray Settings include Power Spray, Massage Spray, and Full Spray with Massage.
  • NO SUDDEN TEMPERATURE CHANGES: The Monitor Pressure-Balanced Valve Cartridge ensures a consistent shower temperature by balancing the pressure of both hot and cold water, no sudden temperature changes from toilet flushing or running appliances.
  • WATER SAVING: With air injection technology, this shower system can achieve a powerful showering experience with less water, which helps reduce water consumption.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The control valve is made of solid brass with rust-free, long-life characteristics, while the Rain Shower Head with silicone nozzles allows you to wipe away mineral deposits with a finger touch. The shower hose is made of PVC, flexible and anti-kink, more convenient to use.

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